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Embrace Modern Approach to Build, Run and Operate Applications

Cloud Native applications provide faster time to market, high scalability with accelerating engineering productivity, and simplified operations by adopting modern approaches like containerization, continuous delivery, and deployment automation.

  • Cloud-native strategy

    Cloud-Native services provide business agility, faster and flexible deployment across hyper-scale providers with operatioanl efficiency.

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    Accelerating application development with continuous delivery by automating workflow and simplifying the management of cloud infrastructure.

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    Serverless architecture provides developers a faster time to push code for production without focusing on provisioing and management of servers.

What is under the hood?


  • DevOps is the collaboration between software developers and IT operations with the goal of automating the process of software delivery & infrastructure changes.

  • Continuous Delivery enables applications to released quickly, reliably & frequently, with less risk.

  • Micro-services is an architectural approach to building an application as a collection of small independent services that run on their own and communicate over HTTP APIs.

  • Containers provide light-weight virtualisation by dynamically dividing a single server into one or more isolated containers. Containers offer both effiiciency & speed compared to standard Virual Machines (VMs). Containers provide the ability to manage and migrate the application dependencies along with the application. while abstracting away the OS and the underlying cloud platform in many cases.

Why Cloud Native Development?


Cloud Native is a modern approach to building and running software applications that exploit the flexibility, scalability, and resilience of cloud computing. Cloud Native encompasses the various tools and techniques used by software developers today to build applications for the public cloud, as opposed to traditional architectures suited to an on-premises data center. This approach provides organizations with greater agility, resilience, and portability across cloud environments.

The benefits of adoptiong cloud-native development










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