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Infrastructure as a Code Platform for managing your platform resources

Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) has become fundamental to many businesses in their cloud journey. As the name implies, IaC provides the ability to define your infrastructure – typically cloud infrastructure – as code.

Continuous Compliance

Continuous Compliance

Enables the customers with Continuous Compliance to ensure that the enterprise meets the continuously changing IT regulatory standards and requirements.

Continuous Compliance

Cloud-Native Capability

Empowers the enterprises to build and scale effectively in cloud-native environments without having to worry about infrastructure setup and management across multiple cloud platforms too.

Continuous Compliance

Cost Optimization

Enables organizations to get enhanced visibility over their data utilization and associated costs that helps them in improving their strategies and work models that ultimately increase their business value.


Why should you use
Infrastructure as a Code?

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  • Cost reduction

    Since the IaC model represents all the resources in code, it lets you see what is working and what isn’t and accordingly change the plans. Moreover, automation enables your developers to concentrate on priority tasks rather than manual grunt work, which helps control payroll costs and scale your employees’ salaries to fit their workloads.

  • Shorter Development Lifecycle

    IaC enables deploying cloud architectures in multiple stages to bring efficiency to the software development lifecycle. While developers can create their own sandbox environments for development, QAs can access a production copy for testing. Moreover, it is possible to perform user acceptance testing and security testing in the same environment and deploy infrastructure in a single step.

  • Decreased risk

    Provisioning all your infrastructure by hand is risky. It requires manual work that is error-prone. It may require a single person to do it. That person could leave the company, taking all that knowledge with them. Infrastructure as code minimizes both of these risks. IaC is the game-changer that minimizes manual intervention with the help of automation. By representing infrastructure as reproducible blocks of code, we are far less error-prone. Infrastructure as code lives in a source code repository. Its history and changes are visible to everyone on the team.

  • Consistency and stability

    Infrastructure deployment is the final stage of the cloud migration process, involving configuration and setup. Both these processes require standardization to eliminate human error, accelerate development, and reduce resource wastage. If done manually, you can expect at least one instance of error, responsible for building inconsistencies and differences in the configuration. Also, executing these processes rapidly is important to avoid sudden setbacks and unwanted downtime.

  • High Scalability

    The power of Terraform and Kubernetes manifests alongside virtualized cloud environments that provide additional instances to work in no time. Infrastructure as a Code in DevOps leads to higher scalability.

  • Repeatability

    This is one of the most significant benefits. We can create parametrizable artifacts that we can reuse anywhere and repeat at any time the same stuff. For example, developers can create their own sandbox environments for development, QAs can access a production copy for testing.

Public and enterprise Infrastructure as a Code platforms


IaC tools with incredible flexibility, support the most prominent cloud platforms. Also offers community-supported providers for a wide variety of platforms.

AWS Cloud formation

Azure Resource Manager

Google Cloud Deployment Manager


Platform specific IaC that is designed exactly for provisioning it's own resources to their own platform.

Configuration management tools

Configuration management tools install and manage software on a machine that already exists. It allows it allows existing IaC tooling to focus on their strengths: bootstrapping and initializing resources










  • Certified

    Evaluating your current workload is essential when choosing a cloud network type. Every type of workload requires different specifications in hybrid cloud services. Take an inward look at your usage and needs.

  • Following global
    and own best practices

    Our own center of excellence helped our client to implement our best practices to their platform. Relying on our client's requests and feedback we're continuously improving our solutions.

  • Not only

    We have a lot of experience with Enterprise IaC solution implementation, migration, and maintenance like Terraform Cloud.

  • True full cycle
    CICD automation

    CICD is not just for application development. The key factor for increasing the percentage of successful delivery in production is the development of SF for Ios as well as its integration into the CD process.

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