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automated platform

Automate operational tasks of container management and include built-in commands for monitoring, deploying, scaling, and rolling out changes to the applications.

Application Modernization and Integration Solutions

Implementing streamlined migration, modernization, and reengineering abilities for enterprises to develop next-generation apps.

Cloud-Native Development

Develop and refactor cloud-native solutions for simplified, managed operations and no administration.

Serverless Real- Time Data Processing

Building Real-Time Data Processing Apps with capabilities - On-demand scalability, no administration overhead, and effective deployment.

Implementing DevOps

Enterprise DevOps Strategy and Implementation Solutions for enterprises to empower Agility, Automation, and streamline the software delivery cycle.

Best for

The graph compares the serverless strategy versus traditional on-premise workloads and cloud architectures based on classic instances. In green, the impact of oversized and unused resources, value directly proportional to cloud costs.

Serverless App
Development Services

Building efficient and Scalable solutions by developing Application frameworks with best practices.

  • Amazon EKS

    Amazon VPC for isolation, Elastic Load Balancing, IAM for authentication and Amazon ECR for container images.

  • Google Services (GKE)

    Resource efficiency, automated operations, scalability, flexibility and accelerate time to market.

  • Azure Service (AKS)

    Elastic provisioning, faster development cycle, Accelerate containerized app development and security-driven.

  • DEDICATTED solution

    You need more than market can propose?


Can I lift-and-shift to a serverless platform?

I would lean towards saying you can’t simply lift-and-shift from a virtual machine to a cloud function because there are code changes which need to be made.

These code changes are mostly due too: Event-Driven Architecture — events drive the application Fully Managed Restrictions — draw within the lines Ephemeral-ness — temporary storage only

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