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Modernize the legacy applications and data with Cloud Native Strategy

Modernizing the data, code, database and application with SecDevOps and application migration strategy with 6R’s Hosting with Cloud Native approach to refactoring and re-architecture with microservices and serverless and replatforming with new Database as services.

  • Application migration assessment

    Readiness assessment to modernize data and applications with application Worload migration strategy to develop scalwble, customizable and technology platforms.

  • legacy systems and sustenance engineering

    Application Management for legacy systems is critical for the businesses and it needs value engineering, product optimization and MES Support.

  • cloud native and serverless

    Application and Data workloads migration from legacy and monolithic applications to cloud native microservices and serverless architecture.


With modern applications, organizations can leverage cutting-edge cloud services, shorten software development cycles, increase application quality via automation, and release and refresh products more often. Deft expertly develops new cloud-native applications and refactors existing applications to meet current and future business needs.

Continuous Integration/ Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment enables application development teams to deliver code changes more frequently and reliably. CI/CD bridges the gaps between development and operations teams by enforcing automation in the building, testing and deployment of applications. Dedicatted helps organizations through CI/CD Pipeline Discovery, Development, Management & Optimization and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to establish sustainable and scalable processes and models for our clients.

Software Development Consulting

Software Development Best Practices are a set of proven approaches to software design, development, deployment and management that can be utilized across different types of environments. Software Development Best Practices Consulting includes, but is not limited to:

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    Platform Review — Comprehensive infrastructure analysis (network, compute, storage, security, etc.) and recommended remediation steps for improving overall platform security, efficiency, performance and cost optimization.

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    Code Review — Application quality assurance check conducted either before, during or after implementation, based upon the environment and requirements.

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    Software Development Best Practices — Analysis of current development processes and recommendations for implementing Best Practices in application development, eployment, management, administration and monitoring

Edge Solutions

With edge solutions, organizations can keep distributed workforces productive, meet data sovereignty requirements, and take advantage of sophisticated but latency-sensitive technologies. Whether via our CDN (CacheFly), AWS, or Microsoft Azure, you can rely on Dedicatted to develop, deploy and manage your edge solution.


Complex applications that make use of powerful technologies such as AI/ML require specific capabilities from multiple cloud platforms. Building and running applications that perform as expected means distributing compute, storage, and analytics components across different cloud types and providers. Figuring out where workloads belong — and how to optimize them upon arrival — is what Deft does best.

DevOps as a Service

Cloud and SaaS has forever changed how technology is developed, bought, and consumed. Dedicatted modernizes applications and infrastructure to help you use existing SaaS platforms or introduce your own as-a-Service offerings.

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