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Boost the agility of your IT infrastructure and improve internal collaboration, with Dedicatted’ DevOps consulting services.


potential reduction in time-to-market, for those organisations adopting DevOps.

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If you want to improve your software delivery, build a culture of agility and automation, accelerate software releases, and harness the power of the cloud, we can help. The first step is to adopt a modern way of developing and releasing software by unifying software development and IT operations, also called DevOps.

New to DevOps? Check DevOps as a Service option

Improved customer satisfaction rates propel top-performing companies to adopt DevOps, and we want you to be next. Here’s what you can expect from our DevOps engineering experts:

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    Current state assessment
  • dot
    Roadmap and future state
  • dot
    Strategy, design, and implementation
  • dot
    Effective DevOps toolsets that help you achieve CI/CD
  • dot
    Alert and security automation
  • dot
    Collaboration tools, role building and team integration
  • dot
    DevOps advisory services for your whole team
  • dot
    Ongoing performance optimization

Building a DevOps culture

DevOps is more related to company culture than technological execution. As such, it requires a complete overhaul of your company’s organizational practices. Incomplete code testing and deployment are replaced by more robust procedures. Teams that adopt a DevOps approach help ingrain new practices and leadership goals.

Dedicatted helps clients practice DevOps thinking right from the beginning. Our solution-based step-by-step approach ensures that the entire team successfully migrates to the new dev + ops culture with improved collaboration and accelerated deploy cycles. This results in a fast, secure, and agile enterprise. It’s a proven approach that always achieves results for the businesses we work with.


DevOps consulting

Our DevOps consulting expertise covers all elements of infrastructures for high-load systems, be it bare-metal or cloud-based. We manage networks, physical and virtual servers, consult on environment architecture and configuration, and perform all kinds of cloud workflow.

Working with our team of skilled engineers will help you bring your IT value creation to another level. We love trying out new things and always keep pace with the ever-evolving universe of DevOps methodologies and tools. Trust our guidance to have the best of them at your disposal. Have your technology stack perfectly suited to your business needs and objectives with Dedicatted consulting services.


DevOps automation consulting

DevOps uses automation to get things done. Automation tools are redundant and inefficient without proper implementation, and that’s where our team comes in. We consider your goals and align those goals with automation to reduce errors.

Automation can be included at various points in the development, deployment, and monitoring cycle:

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    Developing code
  • dot
    Testing and verifying code
  • dot
    Creating a test environment and infrastructure
  • dot
    Successfully deploying code
  • dot
    Data collection
  • dot
    Creating security notifications
  • dot
    Executing the entire DevOps pipeline

Let's start a successful DevOps journey together

Our key offerings include:

Cloud assessment & strategy: Our experienced team will analyze your current DevOps environment and processes, providing you with an executive summary report which includes a high-level roadmap for recommended improvements.

DevOps bundle: This bundled stack is for organizations looking to revamp their existing DevOps processes and toolsets. We will deploy a set of virtual images of your existing servers to AWS, Azure, GCP, or private cloud. Then we’ll use a selection of the best industry tools to refine your existing processes, and we’ll provide thorough training. Our mission is to create a reliable and capable base for your DevOps platform, fully managed by our team, with streamlined support and maintenance.


Cloud consulting

We have tons of experience with AWS/GCP/Azure implementations, which means we can use DevOps methodologies to help you with yours — because the faster and more efficiently you can get up and running with clouds, the faster you can see the benefits.

Our partnership with Amazon and our AWS certified consultants enable us to help you measurably achieve your business goals faster.


Kubernetes consulting

Kubernetes architecture is an extremely powerful solution to application development and deployment — which means it can be unwieldy at first.

We can help you with container orchestration no matter what stage you’re at, whether it’s understanding and applying containerized application concepts or automating existing pipelines on the Kubernetes platform.

Our expert team is here for you every step of the way, from building containerized applications from the ground up to walking you through a plan of action as you transition to Kubernetes.


Automate & report

We automate, measure, and report everything that happens, which allows us to optimize performance.

The various KPIs that can be measured are:

  • dotApp response time
  • dotSuccessful deployment of code
  • dotData collection
  • dotResource utilization
  • dotDatabase query times
  • dotFrequency of code releases
  • dotMean time to resolution
  • dotDeployment success rate

DevOps & security

Most providers don’t adhere to strict standards that characterize DevOps development

Such developments are likely to face security issues. We ensure that everything’s in place and that all protocols are followed.


Cloud Migration Consulting

As more and more businesses move to the cloud, it's important to have a plan and a strategy for how to make the most of this new technology. That's where AWS consulting services come in.

AWS Cloud Consulting Services

AWS consulting services can help you with everything from developing a cloud migration strategy to optimizing your use of AWS once you're up and running. And because AWS is constantly innovating, these services can help you keep up with the latest changes and ensure that you're getting the most out of your investment.

If you're considering moving your business to the cloud, or if you're already using AWS and looking to get more out of it, working with professional AWS cloud consulting company is a must. Dedicatted is among the top AWS consulting companies since it has the expertise and experience to help you make the most of this transformative technology. With our help, you can take advantage of all that the cloud has to offer, and reap the benefits of increased efficiency, agility, and scalability.

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