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AWS Cloud Migration and Modernization Services

Enterprises adopting AWS Cloud with the right competency partners can align business and IT strategies for enhanced agility and resilience.

Cloud Migration Strategy

AWS Cloud Adoption Framework 3.0 supports enterprises to construct a suitable strategy and roadmap for application and database modernization.

Infrastructure Modernization

Harness automated infrastructure modernization and management capabilities to bring cloud agility and embrace laC and deployment tools.

Serverless Applications

Cloud-Native application with serverless enables the enterprise to decrease the development time and ensure faster time to market, and do experiments with lowered administrative overhead.


Governance and organizational strategy for Migration of Servers, Databases, Applications, and Consulting for streamlining Compliance approach.

iconAmazon Virtual Private Cloud
iconAWS Cloud Formation
iconAWS Ops Works
iconElastic Compute Cloud

Prioritizing applications for transformation by the business impact, cost, and risk, further driving necessary architecture and orchestrating the defined application roadmap.

iconAWS Elastic Beanstalk
iconAmazon Simple Workflow
iconAWS Route 53

Streamlining custom cloud-based business applications and empowering Product development lifecycle automation with AWS-driven Services.

iconAmazon DynamoDB
iconAmazon Elastic Block Store
iconAmazon S3
iconAmazon Aurora

Enabling Customised Scalable Platforms and Technology Solutions

AWS AI Solutions

Amazon Natural Language Processing (NLP) Solutions

AWS IoT Solutions

AWS Multicloud Solutions

AWS Computer Vision

AWS Cloud Security

AWS Big Data Solutions

AWS Quick Sight

Amazon AWS

Amazon AWS is a cloud services platform that provides businesses and individuals with a wide array of tools and services to help them be more efficient and productive. One of the most popular features of Amazon AWS is its ability to handle complex data migration projects quickly and easily. With Amazon AWS, you can migrate your data from on-premises systems to the cloud in just a few clicks. Additionally, Amazon AWS provides a number of other features and services that can be extremely helpful for businesses, including DevOps as a Service, which can help you streamline your development process.

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